Charles Andrew Bates

illustration & character design, available for commissions & work for hire

about me

I'm a freelance illustrator, among other things. I've tackled projects for card games, comics, roleplaying games, and television. My creative sensibility comes from absorbing everything from Star Wars and Stephen King to Calvin and Hobbes and Dungeons & Dragons. My work has a clean, energetic cartoon style distilled from a lifelong passion for games, comics, books, movies, and TV.


So, yup, I'm available for illustration work. Get in touch if you think I'm a good fit for a project you have in mind.


(By the way, "Charlie" or "Bates" is best; "Charles Andrew Bates" is just for business-y stuff like credits and contracts and whatnot.)

get in touch

I'm always interested in taking on new projects. So, if you have freelance illustration work or are interested in a private commission — or simply want to say hey — just email me, or look me up on Instagram or Twitter. All serious inquiries are welcome.


This is a short comic featuring the WEIRDNESS gang. I was trying out a new style. There's some fun stuff, but overall it's stiffer than I'd like. Something a bit more loose will be a better fit for the series.