In addition to drawing pictures, I’ve written a word or two. Highlights are below, and you can peruse my past credits if you're really interested in lists.

Current Projects


This is a comic project rather than straight prose—but hey, comics use words, so it still counts. Click over to the Weirdness page for more.


This is a retro-future adventure series. It all started with an idea suggested by Greg Fountain, and evolved to the current concept. There's a full pitch for either a live-action or animated series, though I'm considering launching it as a comic. Anyway, check out the Radlands page for some highlights.

Published Works

Most of my published work was through the original iteration of White Wolf. There's a ton of roleplaying game writing across multiple genres, from fantasy to sci-fi to modern horror. Though out of print, almost everything's available through OneBookShelf’s DriveThruRPG and DriveThruFiction—just search for “Andrew Bates” or by book title.

The Year of the Scarab Trilogy

Best categorized as pulp action/horror, this trilogy follows modern-day vampire hunters caught in a supernatural struggle (click here for an excerpt from the third book). My first attempt at long-form fiction, it's full of overwritten passages and clunky exposition. Still, it’s a fun ride with good twists, and the characters are relatable (even Carpenter…). If nothing else, I learned a lot writing it.

Book I: Heralds of the StormDrawn into a struggle against the forces of darkness, Thea Ghandour meets an enigmatic figure. Maxwell Carpenter has tracked a powerful entity to an obscure temple in the heart of Chicago, and needs Thea’s help in defeating it. Thea soon learns that Carpenter has not told her everything—but can she discover his real agenda before it’s too late?

Book II: Lay Down With LionsThe estranged vampire called Beckett stumbles across the conflict between Thea Ghandour and Maxwell Carpenter. Beckett discovers he is not the only supernatural being involved in the struggle—at its center is a powerful immortal: the mummy Nicholas Sforza-Ankhotep.

Book III: Land of the DeadMaxwell Carpenter flees to Egypt with a stolen mummy artifact of incalculable power, pursued with equal intensity by the mortal Thea Ghandour, the vampire Beckett, and the mummy Nicholas Sforza-Ankhotep. Only by joining forces can they hope to stop him from succeeding in his shocking quest.

Dark Ages: Cappadocian

This was the third book in a 13-title series set in the Middle Ages, with different authors handling various books. It focuses almost exclusively on vampires, but I felt it was important to show that the undead still interacted with—indeed, relied upon—the mortal world. From there, it was only natural to include the two most hapless sidekicks in literature: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. 

That's right: Falsinar and Beltramose, mortal servants of a Cappadocian vampire, were my attempt to channel William Shakespeare and Tom Stoppard. (Yeah; check out the ego on Bates….)

On the down side, I got stuck with major writer's block, which dragged out four months past deadline. (Still embarrassed about that.) I finally got past it in a single 30-hour sitting; if you read closely, you can see the shift around chapter 20. Click here for an excerpt.