Most of my game design efforts were work-for-hire; these are a couple of my own projects.

Job Hunt

While work is rewarding and fun, searching for a job is often a pain. So, I channeled that irritation into something… well, if not productive, at least cathartic: A game that skewers the ridiculous aspects of looking for work.

JOB HUNT is a silly, casual card game where 2–4 players compete to get the best job they can find. Click through for more information, or order the game from DriveThruCards.

Action Baseball

A while back, my dad and I collaborated to make a baseball card game. Something fun to play no matter whether you were a lifelong fan (like my dad) or didn't know much about baseball (like me).

The result is ACTION BASEBALL—a 2-player card game with dynamics true to the integrity and spirit of baseball. It's easy to learn, but with lots of strategy to master, making it fun whether you're new to the game or a seasoned pro.

For further details and card samples, click here. You can also order the game from DriveThruCards.

Action Baseball