Want a picture of your favorite robot? Maybe a drawing of a femme fatale? How about a barbarian hero flexing his mighty thews? You're in luck!

I'm happy to take portrait commissions tailored to your request, in either my “cartoon” or “illustration” style. To request your own, fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and soon enough you've got a custom portrait. It's that simple!

See below for portrait options and examples, and view a gallery of past commissions here.


head example: tiefling head example: fight girl








bust example: ra bust example: grimgast









figure: king

 figure: liberty

Pricing Options



















Background elements add +$25–$75, depending on complexity and degree of detail desired.

*You can request a group image of up to 7 characters total. Group images are in full figure only, not face or bust. Each character beyond the first costs the amount listed in the respective LINE ART or COLOR ART column. So, a group line art illustration of 6 characters is $215, while a group color illustration of 4 characters is $210.


Payment: I accept payment through PayPal, with 50% due once the commission is accepted and 50% upon delivery of the final art. (Don't send the first payment until I confirm that I've accepted the request!)

Parameters: I'm flexible on subject matter — champion or monster, goofy or spooky, action shot or hero pose, fantasy or sci fi, even a drawing of yourself or a friend. However, I reserve the right to not accept any commissions that I consider inappropriate. 

Style: I've got my own art style; I won't do photorealistic or ape someone else's style. (I'm happy to do existing characters from movies, comics, video games, books, etc; it'd just be in my style, y'know?) As you'll see from the examples above, there is flexibility within my style — it ranges from a cartoon look to a more illustrative, comic book-y feel. Include your preference with the request. 

Timing: Delivery depends on my workload — whether I'm on deadline for another project, if there are other commissions in the queue ahead of yours, and so on. If you have a preferred delivery date, include it in your request. I can't guarantee anything prior to reviewing the commission, but I'll do my best. Regardless, I will include delivery timing when I accept the commission.

Format: You'll receive the final art in multiple hi-res file formats: png, tif, and layered psd

Usage: These commissions are for personal use only, and are not for products intended for resale. (I'm happy to do that kind of work! But terms and rates are different than with a portrait commission. If you have a project like that, free to contact me at bates [at] devilbear [dot] net to discuss your project in more detail.)

Ownership: I retain full rights to the work I produce; any characters represented are the property of their respective copyright holders.

Privacy: I often include commission art in my portfolio and on social media. However, if you want to keep your art private, just let me know when you make the commission request.

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