Road tripping with Hitchhiker’s Guide

I'm heading to Wisconsin this weekend for a memorial service. A somber occasion, so I'm queuing up music playlists and podcasts to lighten the mood during the 15-hour drive. At the top of the list is The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio series.

As you might expect, returning home magnifies the reflection I've been doing already. Hitchhiker's is wrapped up in this as well, since it recalls that simpler time of childhood with no understanding or expectation of what life might hold. Heck, far as I knew then, the world was mostly harmless, little more than a footnote in a bizarre galaxy where literally anything could happen. That's since been proven true time and again, though "anything can happen" isn't the non-stop rollicking adventure my 10-year-old self assumed.

Still, Hitchhiker's absurdity is partially responsible for my warped sense of humor—heck, for my warped outlook in general. My cousin Matt was a bit warped as well (notorious as "Spam Boy" at Pat McCurdy shows…), and while we never talked Hitchhiker's, I like to think he'd get a kick out of hitting the road with Arthur, Ford, Zaphod, Trillian, and Marvin.